Issues arise with new schedule pick-up format

This year Columbia Public Schools (CPS) implemented a new schedule pick-up format. Unlike past years where students would come to school to pick up their schedules, all families needed was a computer and access to the internet. 

CPS announced in May that students would receive their schedules online through the Family Portal. Families received a six-digit code that would allow access to the Family Portal, along with forms that needed to be complete before students could view their schedule on Aug. 9. Jacob Beiner, counselor, said that the process to receive their schedules did not change despite it being online. 

“Families updated their registration and health documents online,” Beiner said. “That was done at schedule pick-up night, but now families could complete it at their own convenience.” 

Hope Wolfmier, sophomore, hopes that CPS continues to distribute schedules online. 

“The convenience of the new format really helped my family,” Wolfmeier said. “It didn’t take long to log into your account, you didn’t have to drive to the school to wait in the long lines, and you could fill out all the paperwork online which saved us a lot of time.” 

Though convenient for many families, CPS faculty and staff realized that not all families have access to the internet. Battle held a Registration Night on Aug. 1 where families could come to the school to access computers and could speak to Informational Technology (IT) if there were any inconveniences while trying to access the Family Portal. Parking passes and spirit wear were also available for purchase at the Registration Night. 

Students also had trouble accessing their schedules on Aug. 9. Michelle Baumstark, public relations director for CPS, posted on Twitter that students would not be able to access their schedules until the afternoon due to technical issues. The IT department got schedules up and running around 11 a.m. on Aug. 9. 

Beiner believes that next year will be easier for them now that they know what to expect. 

“With it being the first year there were some technical issues but they were all worked out. Any time you try something new there will be an adjustment period,” Beiner said. “Now we know some issues that arose and we can correct them for next year.” 

CPS has no plans to change the schedule format for the 2020-2021 school year.

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